Ads Strategy (Performance Marketing)

The huge number of Facebook and Instagram users in Indonesia makes it an opportunity for businesses to advertise. Don’t be left behind by your competitors who are already utilizing this platform.
Cassandra digital’s ads strategy services help realize your business advertising optimally and targeted.

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With specific and precise ad settings based on audience criteria, it is very likely that your ads will run optimally and lead to an increase in your business sales. So, why choose Cassandra’s ads strategy service?


Ads strategy services at Cassandra are managed by professionals who are experienced in running advertising campaigns.

Customized Budget

Advertising campaigns can be adjusted from the budget you have.

Best Strategy

Our experts will suggest the best strategy that adapts to your campaign objectives and target market.

Comprehensive Report

Ad performance will be presented in a complete report. This will provide insight for future strategy steps.

Work Process


The consultation process is related to advertising needs such as advertising objectives (awareness / conversion), budget and also audience coverage.

Providing strategy options & audience research

After knowing your needs, our team will design an Ads advertising strategy based on audience research and your goals. We will provide several strategy options.

Running Ads

We will execute strategy that is agreed upon, according to the period that has been set.


We will present the results and performance of Ads that have been run in the form of a comprehensive report.

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