Website Development

Organizations or businesses should have good online visibility. Having a website is one way to make this happen. Website development services from Cassandra can help your business entity to look more credible and professional with a website.

The creation of a company website by Cassandra Digital emphasizes good quality. This is evidenced by a professional look, fast loadspeed, and also easy to manage.

The CMS used is wordpress. The reason for using this CMS is because it is easily adapted to user needs.

Then, why should you choose us?


Website development services in Cassandra use premium templates. So that the appearance doesn't need to be doubted.

Fast Loadspeed

Website speed will be optimized to the maximum. This factor affects the user experience of your website.

Free Photo

Photos are one of the elements that make a website attractive. Website development at Casandra includes premium photos.

Pick your own domain

Free to choose your own domain name when creating a website. Our team will help find the availability of domain.

Proses Pengerjaan


It is the process when you share the details of your website needs.

Providing references & ideas

After knowing your needs, our team will collect website reference materials, according to the brief received.


If you have agreed on the references and needs, the next process is to work on the website. The length of work depends on the type of website and also the number of pages.

First Review

When the first page is complete, you are directed to provide reviews and revisions if any. The main page will be the main reference in working on other pages.

Final review

After all the pages have been created, a final review needs to be done to review the overall work of the pages and also the implementation of revisions.

Tell us your needs!